Lotus Tattoo Meaning

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  • Divine beauty
  • Purity
  • Wisdom
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Enlightenment
  • Control
  • Buddhism
  • Rising up

As with most other tattoo design options, the lotus flower tattoo meaning is not singular, there are many. The most understood and recognized meaning of the lotus flower is divine beauty and purity. If the petals of the flower are unfolding, it symbolizes an expansion of the soul or a spiritual awakening.

Knowing your lotus flower color meaning is also important as it can change the entire meaning of the design.

  • White lotus flowers symbolize spiritual and mental enlightenment.
  • Blue lotuses mean a spiritual control is over your physical senses.
  • Purple lotus flowers mean homage to Buddhist deities, but can mean an overall mystic view of religion and spirituality.
  • Pink symbolizes Buddha.
  • Red symbolizes the state of the heart, whether it be love, passion, or compassion.

A lotus flower tattoo meaning rising up after hitting rock bottom or being at your very worst could best be displayed by showing the growth of a lotus flower from under murky, muddy waters blooming into a beautiful masterpiece. Lotus flowers do grow in murky, muddy water.

We have compiled a few examples of lotus flower tattoos with varying meanings here. Take into consideration the color, stage of growth and position of the flower along with its background or complementing elements to determine its meaning to the client.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning
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