Lotus Tattoo Designs

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Lotus flower tattoos are quite popular. With its deep meanings of purity, strength, wisdom, and divine beauty, it can have dozens of interpretations. A simple lotus flower sketch can give you an idea of how your artist perceives what you need the tattoo to emulate. You can make changes to a sketch before it is even placed as a stencil on your body. A sketch with open petals can symbolize that you have not made yourself as strong as you can be.

A unique idea for lotus tattoo designs is to give it a glowing effect, representing self-reflection and connecting to your spiritual side. Use color, as black can turn the meaning into something dark. The lotus flower is simple, as should be your design.

Combining other elements with lotus flower tattoo designs should be done carefully. Adding an element because it is something, you like can throw off the entire symbolism of the piece. Research your design ideas with your artist first to make sure you’re not muddying up the meaning.

Some tattoo artists and clients are rather creative when it comes to incorporating a lotus flower into a compelling design with a strong, significant meaning. The examples here will give you some ideas to dress your lotus tattoo designs up to represent you the best.

15 Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Sketches
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