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The lotus flower has significant meanings in the Hindu and Buddhism religions. The most understood meaning of the lotus flower tattoo is divine beauty and spirituality. Some prefer to include an image of Buddha with their lotus tattoo to symbolize great spirituality and connectivity with greater beings.

As the leaves of a lotus flower open, it symbolizes that you are expanding your horizons, opening your soul or are on a journey for personal elevation. If something has control over your spirit, your lotus flower tattoo should be blue. Now, if your lotus flower has multiple meanings, you can incorporate several colors to convey those meanings.

There are occasions when the lotus flower has no meaning to the client, it is just a beautiful flower that they want included to add a light element to a piece. A religious tie does not always have to be associated with a lotus tattoo either. It can mean personal growth, mystery, and perfection.

Design your lotus flower tattoo with your artist. Look up symbolisms and meanings of elements, along with what the color you’d want to use means. Your tattoo can have a deep meaning that requires explanation, as some you will notice from the examples here do not have a clear meaning at first sight.

20 Best Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas
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