Fish & Water Tattoo Meaning

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Fish tattoos are also a popular item because many people keep them as pets. The sight of a fish is known to promote feelings of calmness and serenity.

But on rare occasions, fish tattoos are created specifically to show the fierceness of nature. Piranha, for example, is well known to be vicious and highly effective predators, and the very sight of them instills fear in pretty much everyone.

According to Native American lore, a fish tattoo directly symbolizes water, as well as submergence and depth. An “Abundance of life” is also closely associated with fish, because large bodies of water breed and sustain life amazingly well.

Fish are also frequently seen in trinkets, necklaces, and keepsakes. As people like to go fishing in nearly every culture around the world, a fascination with fish is common. So, seeing them in tattoos isn’t surprising in the least.

Fish Tattoo Meaning: Nature, Water, Fishing
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