Fish & Water Tattoo Designs

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Fish tattoo designs can be both complex and plain, as well as include complimenting designs or objects. For example, a tattoo of a goldfish is simple. But add a goldfish in a fishbowl along with a clever quote and bright colors, and it looks a bit more inviting and nice.

Fish tattoos are also often associated with sport fishing. Seeing a bass with its mouth gaped open in pursuit of a lure is popular, along with the name of classic fishing magazines and suppliers like Bass Pro Shops.

Fish tattoo designs can become exceptionally beautiful when special attention is given to the scales. As scales are naturally “patterned”, a talented tattoo artist can put a new spin on the symmetry of the scales themselves.

The one thing we don’t often see in fish designs is largeness. For example, a fish tattoo that completely covers the back from the neck down to the waist. Fish designs we do in tattoos tend to be medium sized, drawing attention to themselves, of course, but never TOO MUCH attention.

64 Best Fish Tattoo Designs
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