Fish & Water Tattoo Ideas

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Fish are experts of the water, and there are thousands of different species in existence. But when it comes to tattoos of fish, they may be intended to represent any number of things, or a combination of things all at once.

Tattoos of fish often use bright, vibrant colors that connect all the possible line breaks in the tattoo itself. The result is a tattoo that completely covers the skin without any bare skin present. Japanese Koi Fish are one of the most popular choices, and more people choose this tattoo design than any other. Goldfish, because of their classic charm and sprawling tails, are also in style.

The symmetrical pattern of the scales is one of the reasons fish tattoos are such a hit. The many scales create a genuine “feast for the eyes”, and it ends up to be a competition amongst tattoo artists to see how well defined they can create the scales. And when combined with other objects, like plant material and colorful background blur, fish tattoos end up looking pretty extravagant.

86 Amazing Fish Tattoo Ideas
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