Rose Tattoo Designs

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Rose tattoo designs all mean something different to the client. The color of the rose can change its symbolism. The common symbolism of rose tattoos is love. In Greek mythology, a rose symbolizes an immortal love, withstanding time and death. In the tarot world, roses mean balance. If your tarot-themed roses have thorns, that means loss and defense.

The color of rose tattoo designs can change the meaning.

  1. Red most commonly means love, passion or romance, but an also mean sacrifice or memorial.
  2. White symbolizes mysticism and purity.
  3. Yellow symbolizes joy and mature love.
  4. What is interesting is that blue roses symbolize something being impossible or unattainable.
  5. Black roses are a symbol of goodbyes and death — not always of morbid nature.

Combining roses with additional elements, such as a cross, change its symbolism. A black rose with a cross can mean that you have lost your faith. A red rose with a dove can mean that you love someone so much you set them free to find their true happiness.

Be creative with your rose tattoo designs. As you can see from the examples here, the way that the rose is represented and the items surrounding it can change the message your tattoo sends.

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