Rose Tattoo Meaning

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  • Love
  • Passion
  • Sacrifice
  • Struggle
  • Tragedy
  • New beginning
  • Mystery
  • Purity

A rose has many meanings. The common meaning of rose tattoo designs, especially those without thorns, is love. When your rose tattoo has thorns, it means that you have experienced hurt, struggle, or tragedy in some aspect.

If you fell in love with your spouse or life partner, the perfect color for your rose is purple. The purple rose tattoo meaning is enchantment and love at first sight. Combine with this an element from how or where you meant and it is the beginning of your journey together.

An interesting meaning of rose tattoo designs with closed buds is that there is a mysterious person in your life or that you have a mysterious personality because the inside is hidden. The background and/or colors chosen for the piece will determine the mood of the mystery. Black is a bad or troubling mystery while pink, peach, or red can mean a healthy or loving type of mystery.

The various stages of roses change the meaning just as much as the color does. Choose your symbolisms carefully and make sure your artist researches the meaning of each element to ensure that your tattoo conveys the right message. We have included examples of a rose tattoo meaning dozens of different things, some you will understand immediately while others may make you look a little harder.

Rose Tattoo Meaning: Each Color Means a Lot
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