Rose Tattoo Ideas

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Trying to come up with unique rose tattoo ideas is a bit tricky if you want to deliver a specific message. If you want to display something like timeless love, or unconditional love, consider a couple of roses with a pocket watch or clock. Roses that look wet can symbolize a troubled relationship in your life.

Budding roses or roses in multiple stages of blooming combined with a tree, birds or butterflies symbolizes growth through new beginnings or being set free from a personal demon. If the color of the roses is kept black or black and gray, it can mean rising up from a very dark place to start a new chapter.

In some cases, looking up rose tattoo ideas is just to put something pretty on your body because you are a flower fan. Roses are unisex designs, men and women wear them very well.

Browse through the rose tattoo ideas that we have exampled here. Some meanings may jump right out at you while others may require you to think about the elements of the design, the placement of each element, the tone, and colors of the piece to figure it out. Use some of the elements of these ideas to help design your unique piece.

129 Cute Rose Tattoo Ideas for Girls
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