Tree Tattoo Meaning

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  • Wisdom
  • Immortality
  • Growth
  • Family
  • Beauty
  • Hope

There are multiple ways to interpret a tree tattoo meaning. Common meanings are knowledge/wisdom, immortality/eternity, and abundance/growth. Trees of life tattoos showing roots often mean that you are deeply planted in your roots, have a strong foundation and have strong family values.

Cherry blossom tree tattoos are derivative of Asian culture and symbolize feminine beauty. Women commonly get this design starting at the hip, and weaving up the body over the ribs and across a portion of the back. These symbols of womanhood, grace, and femininity can be interpreted differently by each artist.

Differences in a tree tattoo meaning can come from the inclusions or detail you choose to go with the piece.

  • Roots included in a tree tattoo mean a connection to the past — something complicated and invisible to the outside world.
  • Leaves have multiple meanings, but most commonly symbolize rebirth and growth.
  • Flowers near or part of a tree tattoo represent a female sexual awakening or transformation of a girl to womanhood. Flowers can also mean tranquility and youthful.

Trees can be portrayed as realistic, fantasy or cartoon in tattoos. The more detail there is in your tree, the more meaning it can have when it is viewed. If you are unsure of your tree tattoo meaning before your artist starts, do a bit of research about the composition of your design before committing to it.

Tree Tattoo Meaning: Wisdom, Eternity, Growth
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