Tree Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos of trees are for dozens of reasons. For some, it symbolizes life and new beginnings. For others, it is an element of a tattoo to complete a scene. Trees missing leaves and showing broken branches symbolize a broken family, a sad family tragedy, or a disconnection.

Tree tattoo designs with a bed of green grass and flowers at the base show hope for a new beginning and the ability to change and grow. The tree of life can be designed in several configurations to make it unique to you. Braiding the roots and turning them into a circular border around your tree base symbolizes family unity, endless family love, and stability.

You can make a big impact with your tree tattoo designs by making the tree portion black and gray with a colorful background or elements of color around it. A dark tree with a bright blue sky, rainbow, birds, and butterflies represents hope and strength on a new journey, new beginnings, and self-love.

Take a few ideas from the tattoos of trees that we have come across and shared here. There might be an idea floating around in your mind that an artist has already creatively envisioned for someone else. Use this idea and add to it to depict your message.

26 Awesome Tree Tattoo Designs
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