Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

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What may be unusual about such an inconspicuous little bird as sparrow is? Sparrows are small brown birds they don’t catch our eye like proud swans or colorful parrots. They are just the usual part of every urban design. So why did a sparrow tattoo became popular and what is sparrow symbolism?

First of all sparrow tattoo are small – just like the birds are, but usually other patterns are included in the design to create a meaningful and completed flash. Sometimes sparrows and swallows are treated the same. Though, sparrow bird tattoo meaning is not so obvious, let’s consider some examples of the tattoo ideas and their meanings.

In ancient Egypt sparrows were believed to take away souls of the dead. No surprise that meaning of the sparrow tattoo is connected to this believes. These birds are frequently inked as a part of memorial design for the beloved ones who have gone. The design may also include the ends of a banner with name and dates of birth/death of the person.

You may not know, but sparrows are also birds of love for many people. They are devoted mates for life. Isn’t a great example of the strong everlasting relationship? Thus sparrow tattoo meaning also deeply connected to the love and loyalty. In such designs the birds are usually depicted in pairs symbolizing strong union. The other popular design is two sparrows looking in different sides: back and forward. This design symbolizes the past and the future relationships – letting go the first one and your readiness for the second one.

And of course our modern culture inspires new sparrow tattoo designs too. The impressive character from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow became the new trend in sparrow tattoos, inspired a vast variety of the flashes.

Sparrow tattoos have their special place in prison culture symbolizing freedom. Of course, not everyone who has this tattoo is a criminal, but some of them choose this bird as a symbol of their freedom – especially if they are nearing release.

Sparrow Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism
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