Sparrow Tattoo Ideas

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The sparrow, being a small bird, is meant to be symbolic of the advantages of something small, being small, or the quick and agile traits of small birds in general. The sparrow is well known as a cute and personable bird, and well liked by nearly everyone. They’re friendly and aren’t shy when it comes to human interaction.

In tattoo design, sparrows are generally drawn alone, with an up close focus on their friendly, lovable face. Sparrows have been associated with humans for nearly 10,000 years, and people keep them as pets because of their naturally tendency to associate with us.

Tattoo designs of sparrows with their wings outstretched, up close, with their wings folded at their side, or poised with an object in their mouth are common. Sparrows in scenes of flight within a logo design are common too.

25 Cute Sparrow Tattoo Ideas
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