Peacock Tattoo Meaning

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  • Pride
  • Luxury
  • Beauty
  • Royalty
  • Vitality
  • Nobility
  • Immortality
  • Watchfulness
  • Renewal and Spiritual Awakening
  • Immortality
  • Purity (White Peacock)

Peacock is probably one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Its impressive tail feathers are unique and marvelous. The radiant design of the peacock’s feathers is outstanding for tattooing. It seems like the wearer of peacock tattoo willing to say to the outer world: “I’m unique and I’m not afraid to show this!”

In many cultures, these unique birds were symbols of the most majestic things. In India, peacock is the national bird. No surprise that it is associated with royalty, divinity and nobility. In China, peacock feathers are also a symbol of rank and high status: they were given to recognize spotless service and honorable rank of militaries.

In Buddhism the “eyes” in the peacock feather represent the watchfulness concept. The figure of Watcher in meditations is associated with the all-knowing part of the soul. Moreover, the peacock itself is a representative of the goddess Kuan-Yin, spiritual figure of mercy and compassion. The similar meaning peacock feathers have in Christian culture: the “eyes” considered as the eyes of the church or God.

In Greek and Roman cultures the peacock is a companion of goddesses Hera and Juno. Here, the peacock was also a symbol of sublimity, Empress and High Priestess. In Greek culture the concept of “all seeing eye” was important, too, thought it was connected to the wisdom and knowledge.

Medieval alchemist used peacock feathers as an ingredient of almost every potion, and for esoteric Christianity, the peacock is also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, healing and renewal. This belief rooted in the ability of the peacock to be unaffected by the large amounts of the toxins. For example, there are artworks representing battle between the peacock and a venomous snake. Every year the peacock replaces its feathers – this trait of the bird is also associated with immortality and resurrection. Moreover, being the solar symbol, peacock also represents vitality, radiance, glory, stimulation and life.

One of the most popular peacock tattoo designs is the white peacock. This bird is a rare finding, and its beautiful white feathers are the best way to represent purity and innocence and the bird itself is a symbol of Jesus Christ in Christianity. Thus, white peacock tattoo is deeply connected to the sacred Christian beliefs.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning: Pride and Luxury
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