Peacock Tattoo Ideas

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The peacock is one of the most lavishly decorated and colorful tattoo designs ever. If you take a look at most peacock tats, you’ll see that they’re often very large, and can span the entire area of the back or the front of someone’s body! A fully grown peacock can have a body span of 7 feet or more, and just the sight of its lavish colors and symmetry is breathtaking.

The colors used for peacock tattoos generally include multiple shades of red, green, aqua, purple, blue, black, and pink. The peacock is a beautiful and elegant animal, so this tattoo is frequently favored by women.

Peacocks are yet another bird that’s solitary in the wild, so when you see a peacock tattoo, it will most likely be just a single bird.

29 Breathtaking Peacock Tattoo Ideas
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