Lizard Tattoo Meaning

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  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Perception
  • Craft
  • Dexterity
  • Resurrection
  • Fortune

Lizard is one of the animal symbols that have many different meanings — depending on its breed, physiology, habitat and color. First lizard’s trait that comes to mind is its quickness and agility: it appears when we don’t expect them at all! But why are lizards appeared to be like this? Maybe because of their instincts work excellently. They have their sixth sense attuned really perfectly — if we are deeply connected with the Nature, our sixth sense is very much alike. As for that, lizard tattoo symbolizes our instincts and connection with Mother Nature.

The second natural trait of those interesting animals is their cold-bloodedness — literally. Lizard has an ability to change its body temperature adapting to the environment. We may be cold-blooded like lizards, too — adapting ourselves and our inner world to the reality. This helps to survive!

A color of the lizard tattoo also means a lot. For example, brown lizard is the symbol of anything that is grounding for us. It may be our family, home or job... Blue lizard is emotional symbol — blue color itself is affiliated with the Vishudha chakra. It makes us remember not to prison our emotions — but to learn how to express them. What comes to mind when we think about red color? Love, passion, desire, temptation... No surprise that red lizard represents those meanings. And what lizards are the most widespread? Undoubtedly, green lizards. This color is also connected with the chakra — the Anahata chakra, the heart center. Everything that leads to our hearts — everything that makes us grow and evolve, reach our fullest potential. And the last thing about colors should definitely be color changing chameleons. This lizard symbolizes our ability to transform into our greatest advantage, change our color when we need to or have to.

When it comes to lizard’s breed in tattoo designs, there are several most popular patterns and their meanings.

Salamanders have a really great history. They’ve always been considered unique and breathtaking beautiful. And of course they have their own symbol — the fire, that doesn’t harm them. Thus salamander tattoo has a distinct meanings: resurrection and an ability to pull through difficult situations invulnerable.

Gecko tattoo is definitely the most popular lizard tattoo design. Gecko is famous for its climbing and adaptation skills — no matter what we talk about, surface of life conditions. Together with Gecko’s ability of regeneration, those traits make Gecko tattoo design symbolize renewal and dexterity.

Iguanas are widespread in Americas, Caribbean and Polynesia, known for their liveliness and alertness. Iguana tattoo is associated with patience, creativity, playfulness and conception.

As you see, though lizard tattoo is not the most popular design, it’s surely a great pattern to be considered — and to let your imagination go!

Lizard Tattoo Meaning
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