Lion Tattoo Meaning

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  • Power
  • Purity
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Nobility
  • Integrity
  • Authority
  • Protection

A lion is usually known as the king of the jungle, symbol of courage, strength, pride, nobility and fearlessness. A lion tattoo represents authority, masculinity and leadership and is a very popular design for gents. Lion is believed to be the bravest animal, thus someone who feels fearless and self-confident should definitely consider this design. The most popular ideas of the lion tattoos are represented in this article.

Often people choose a lion tattoo design if their horoscope sign is Leo. This sign is the 5-th in the Zodiac. Leos are extremely energetic and good hearted persons. They also want to control everything and love to be the best of the best. This sign is also associated with the Sun, thus one of the popular designs is a combination of a lion, the Sun and fire.

Lions have been portrayed since ancient times in different cultures and religions. They are traditional symbols of kings and dynasties, their power and strength. In Roman mythology, the lion is associated with love. In Egypt, Two lions with their backs to one another represented balance: sunset and sunrise, East and West. In one of the ancient myths, lion represents growing up, transformation from child to adult. Till now, lions guard palaces and manors, as in ancient civilizations they guarded temples and sacred places.

The Lamb and the Lion image came from biblical stories. The Lion symbolizes power, masculinity, and physical strength; the Lamb symbolizes purity, femininity and spiritual strength. Two of them together in one design demonstrate the duality of well-balances human nature: rational mind and impassioned soul. The Lion can also be interpreted as powerful supernatural powers, the Devine, that protect God’s beloved child — the Lamb.

The other lion tattoo idea that represents the duality of human nature is a Lion flower tattoo. On the one side, a flower is gracefulness, femininity, elegance, beauty and love; on the other side, a lion is power, masculinity, passion and strength. These two different ideas create common meaning: the desire to have a balance between the calm senses and the passionate human nature.

Rasta lion tattoo is the other design, referred to as spiritual. It is usually inked in different colors, the Lion wears crown on his head and hold scepter. The Lion represents a strong connection with the religious doctrines of the Rasta movement: tolerance, love, acceptance in the society and continuous peaceful coexistence.

Lions are definitely meaningful for the Eastern cultures. Buddhist monks and Hindus, who travelled around brought symbolism of the Lion into Asia, where later lions became usual characters in traditional beliefs. However, Japanese lion tattoos symbolize justice and honor, but rarely represent the exact picture of the animal.

Lions and Dragons are both associated with strength, power and authority. They are both kings: lion is the king of the jungle, and dragon is the king of mythical creatures. The Dragon and the Lion tattoo emphasizes that its owner is a vivid personality with nobility, strength, power and authority.

Traditional lion tattoo designs in China are Fu Lions or Lions of Buddha. Usually stone lions were placed in front of the temples to defend and guard them. In Chinese culture lions mostly stand for protection and good luck. Lion is also a symbol of the Earth and the Sun.

Rampant lion tattoo design mostly comes from flags and coats of arms. It is usually seen on Scottish people, because the rampant lion is a significant animal in Celtic mythology. Here, lion symbolizes not only strength and power of young, but also wisdom and nobility of old.

Lion head is used more frequently for inking than full body of the lion. It is represented in various designs and expressions of the animal’s nature, from aggression to calmness. It also has a wide range of meanings, but the most common are protection and survival. Tribal lion tattoo drawings are easily made, because the animal’s body lines could be perfectly drawn in this style. You could see a lion’s head tattoo inked over a scar, on shoulders, back or chest.

Lioness is not only the queen of the jungle, but also the best mother and a symbol of femininity and a solid family. Usually women make Lioness tattoo as a symbol of desire and ability to protect the weaker members of the family and society: lioness will guard her cubs with her life. The lioness is also associated with courage, strong energy, might, vigilance and sometimes — immortality.

Lion Tattoo Meanings. Tribal Lioness Symbol
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