Lion Tattoo Designs

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Lion is the king of the jungle, symbol of strength, courage, leadership and pride. A lot of new trends and tattoo designs appear all the time, but there are some classical ones that never look old-fashioned. Lion tattoo drawings are definitely among them. They don't only look spectacular, but also are extremely meaningful.

Lion tattoos are very different. Some of them represent ferocious lions, baring their teeth dangerously, others show their calmness nature and peaceful dignity. Lion tattoo designs can be made in realistic or cartoon, tribal or flower style. They represent not only features typical for lions, but also have a religious context from Christian, Judith, Islam, Hinduism and Shinto traditions.

Although these tattoos are mostly chosen by man, they definitely look great on women. And of course, such a popular lioness tattoo design must be mentioned. If lion is the king of the jungle, lioness is the queen. Lioness images are strongly linked to motherhood, family, femininity and protection.

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