Insects Tattoo Meaning

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What’s the meaning of insect tattoos? According to the tattoo symbolism guide, insects are akin to fear, a startling realization and shock to the senses, a warning to mind your own business, and hardcore survival instinct. Insects are champions in being able to adapt, survive, and be extremely aggressive to defend themselves.

Insect tattoos can also represent dreams. A swarm of bees in your dream can represent a network of communication between linked parties that have something to do with you. Such as people in a community actively discussing you and your personal affairs. It can also represent the talents and gifts we have working in our favor if the bees are seen making honey.

One of the funniest things about tattoos is, they keep their value across MANY different societies, cultures, and belief systems. And even though different cultures have different meanings for things, usually the systems of symbolism mention the same things. Such as eastern symbolism mentioning a rook being associated with night, Celtic mythology mentions rooks being associated with darkness as well.

Unexpected Insect Tattoo Meaning
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