Insects Tattoo Designs

The beauty of nature is part of what the tattoo world calls their “Available Arsenal Of Focus”. Insects have always been a part of nature, and it helps a lot when a tattoo artist adds a unique spin to the idea. Such as using T. rutilus, the jurassic/dinosaur mosquito as the centerpiece instead of just a regular tiny mosquito. Other areas of tattoo focus include current and past trends in society, like technology, disease awareness, and identification tattoos used in high crime areas, or areas prone to dangerous excitement in excess.


Pictures and Drawings

Trends that NEVER go out of style, like women, nature, music, and sports are part of the tattoo worlds “Available Arsenal Of Focus” too. Of course, there’s some tattoo ideas that just don’t work out (things taboo), and thusly, we don’t see very many of them. A few of these are expletive phrases, nudity, and things considered grotesque/outlandish/offensive. Suicide and such...

But insects always seem to be a favorite, especially with people who are into things that sting. And in the world we live in, it’s difficult to get away from things that sting! Be it wasps, bees, mosquitos, or hornets, things that sting always around!