Bull Tattoo Meaning

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  • Power
  • Strength
  • Aggression
  • Danger
  • Masculinity
  • Authority
  • Virility
  • Fertility
  • Spirituality
  • Stability
  • Growth
  • Grounding
  • Confidence
  • Protection

People have been fascinated with bulls since ancient times: cave drawings of these animals have been found in Lascaux, France; the Mythic Bull of Heaven is one of the main characters in the Epic of Gilgamesh (sometimes it is considered as similar to The Great Flood and The story of Adam and Eve). In many cultures, the bull is a sacred animal. The bull deity Apis played an important role in ceremonies in ancient Egypt. In the Hindu tradition god Shiva is riding a bull. Boys from one of the Ethiopia tribes jump over the back of the strongest and most dreaded bull in the village — this symbolizes their masculinity and virility. In different rituals, bull sacrifice is considered as the noblest.

Bull tattoo symbolism can have two different directions. The first is most typically associated with the bull: fertility, virility, authority and confidence. The second one is totally different: peace and strong spirituality. What exactly will it symbolize to you — it’s only your choice.

It’s hard not to associate the bull with power and confidence — it is really strong and massive animal. When we think about bull, image of unstoppable power comes to mind. So if you want a pattern that expresses an extreme power of will and great intentions — bull tattoo is the best design.

Bulls have also been vital part of agricultural process for centuries. They helped us grow and harvest, building and developing our civilization. So one of the bull tattoo meanings is connected to the historical role of the bulls — it reminds us to work hard together with the Nature.

One of the most known and popular bull tattoo designs is Taurus tattoo. Its meaning is similar to Taurus itself: stability, comfort and self-assurance; and of course stubbornness. In Chinese astrology, the Bull (or Ox) symbolizes loyalty, reliability, strength, steadiness and determination.

And of course, we can’t imagine rodeo without bulls! Many rodeo fans and pros have bull tattoos. In this case the special meaning is about an ability to manage with wild powers as you ride the bull for the legendary eight seconds. Bull tattoo can also represent mental strength to get over your fear. A raging bull tattoo also represents raw masculine energy.

The most popular bull tattoo design is a brown bull tattoo. The design depicts fuming bull with steam rising from its nostrils and feet stomping on the ground as if it is ready to charge. It looks fierce and aggressive, being a symbol of aggression, determination and power.

Celtic bull tattoo designs indicate strength and stamina. The Celts were great warriors known for their outstanding fighting skills. This design is strongly associated with spirituality, paganism and deep connection with Mother Nature — and this also included in the meaning.

As for the Native American culture, one of the bull designs is the bull skull tattoo design. It represents life and prosperity. But if you were in Wild West seeing bull’s skull — you should’ve been careful! This meant that death was near (the bones were usually found in untamed lands). As for tribal bull tattoo designs, they are connected with native cultures, no matter which one of them. They are strongly associated with spirituality, power, strength, fertility and Nature. And of course, tribal animal tattoo designs itself look really impressive!

And of course, we must mention bull tattoos associated with sport teams. They don’t have any special meaning except that for fans. The most popular sport bull tattoos are Texas Longhorn Bull tattoos (the football team of the University of Texas at Austin) and Chicago Bulls tattoos.

Bull Tattoo Meaning
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