Bull Tattoo Designs

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Since the ancient times, the bull has been a symbol of masculinity, virility and opposing. But it may contain both male and female features, being bold and sharp or tender and delicate. Bulls are important for many cultures connected with nature, paganism and animal sacrifice. The bull is also a symbol of stubbornness and patience.

There is a huge amount of bull tattoo designs, and they differ in styles, colors and ideas. The most popular are bull heads with horns, full bull picture and bull skull. As for the style, bull tattoo can be inked in Celtic or tribal, realistic or cartoon, as well as geometric style. Bull tattoo can be colorful, but the most popular are red bull tattoo (red color and bulls are often associated with aggression and blood), or black bull tattoo (being a demonic sign, symbolizing flirtation with the death). Bull tattoo designs can be inked on every part of the body, but they look better on chest, back and shoulder.

19 Impressive Bull Tattoo Designs
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