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Like any form of art there is an almost cult following for weird tattoos. They’re like collectors’ items — conversation starters that set social media on fire or get artists shaking their heads with a wry smile.

Although we all have a different understanding of what weird means, we all know a weird tattoo when we see one. In general, these are strange because of their subject matter or because of where they’re placed. Weird tattoos are often taken from films, songs or books that inspire their owner — an alien, a character or a random equation are all pretty weird, but what’s weird to the audience might not be weird to the wearer.

Getting tattoos in weird places is slightly different. This is often a choice taken to get attention and make people take notice. The eyes, face, inner lips, ears and pubic regions can all be tattooed, and are often done so to go against the grain. These placements are only for the brave who love the art form.

Whether you’re choosing an unusual spot or a piece that’s a little unusual, it’s important to make sure that you’re committed to the choice that you make and embrace everyone’s reactions.

118 Weird Tattoo Ideas Inked in Weird Places
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