Weird Tattoo Designs

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The weirdest tattoos are often the coolest. There’s something intoxicating about pieces of art that are truly unexpected, especially when more and more people are taking the plunge and getting tattoos. Whether it’s a science fiction character or a really strange portrait, weird tattoos suggest that their owner is quirky, enigmatic and confident in themselves.

There is a cult movement of people looking to get tattoos that are not like everyone else. These trippy tattoos are often very complex and beautiful in their own right; plus, because they are so different they can be quite a challenge for tattoo artists who can get into the trap of doing the same kind of work every day.

Weird or unusual tattoos are cool because they’re a stamp of individuality — a personal expression of who you are that doesn’t adhere to any rules. The only downside to getting a weird piece is that loads of people are going to ask you what it is, or what it’s about.

All tattoos are permanent and it’s important that you’re sure before you go under the needle, especially if you’re getting an unusual piece that’s linked to a life stage or phase that you’re going through.

95 Weirdest Trippy Tattoo Designs
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