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Watercolor tattoos are relatively new in tattoo art, but they have already become popular. The style is both colorful and unique; it turns your body into a living art. It’s just colors splashed across your skin, with no dark contour lines. The tattoo is not a picture — it’s a real painting.

Though most of the watercolor tattoos are made in colors, some of them are also black and gray — and they still look unusual and impressive! It is still the combination of splashes, but not colorful ones. The main trait of the design is the absence of straight lines — like someone just spilled water on it and made the ink to blur.

There are plenty of designs that can be made in water color style. The most popular ones include nature motifs like birds, animals or plants. It can also be symbols of emotions expressed in different patterns such as love and heart. And of course, all of them may include text or some quotes to make the design more meaningful.

Watercolor tattoo designs are inspired by a watercolor painting. There are many tattoo designs in watercolor which can give you the best experience of your life by watercolor tattoo.

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