Watercolor Tattoo Designs

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Watercolor tattoo style was inspired by watercolor painting. Indeed, water color tattoo designs don’t look like pictures — they do look like real paintings! So what are the best designs to be made in this impressing style?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is Nature. There is nothing more colorful than animals, fishes, birds, feathers, insects and flowers. Thus, the most impressive watercolor designs are butterfly, hummingbird and rose. The other designs that are not so colorful but look great inked in black and gray splashes are wolf, elephant and owl.

As for the technique, we should mention the negative space one. Tattoos made in this style look like there is no ink inside the tattoo — but the paint is splattered around it. This technique is rather complicated — but it looks very unusual and spectacular.

And of course, when it comes to abstractions — watercolor style fits perfectly. You can simply combine splashes or swirls of color to create really unique and breathtaking pattern. Surely this is the design you’ll love forever.

104 Great Watercolor Tattoo Designs
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