Twin Tattoo Ideas

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There’s nothing quite like the bond between twins, and what better way to celebrate that relationship than with twin tattoos. As it becomes more and more acceptable to get ink, more twins and siblings are considering this as a special way to show that they’re close.

Much like tattoos themselves, tattoos for twins can be placed into two broad categories — those that are done to get people’s attention and spark a conversation, and more private pieces that mean the world to the wearer but may not even be seen by anyone else. Twins tend to be very close or complete opposite, and this has an effect on the type of tattoo that they choose.

Closer twins may choose the private, symbolic tattoo as a celebration of their bond, while siblings who are more independent tend to choose opposing tattoos that make sense when united. Think of it as corresponding names or the same symbol versus a tattooed quote, unfinished in isolation.

Whether it’s identical pieces or complimentary artwork that makes a cohesive whole when the siblings spend time together, the idea of permanently inking your friendship with your twin on your skin is a deep commitment worthy of that bond.

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