Twin Tattoo Designs

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Throughout history, people have feared and admired twins as mystical and special. And while those beliefs are less popular now than they were in man’s early history, there is still something amazing about twins – and people are turning to tattoos to celebrate that relationship.

Like most siblings, twins tend to get along really well or clash, and this is often reflected in the types of ink that they get. Some twins will mark themselves with the same piece in the same place – a heart, a surname or a birthday on the ankle, for example. But others get artwork that is completely opposite or seemingly random until the two are together.

A middle ground between these two options is to consider tattooing a symbol for twins that makes sense to the two of you only. The great thing about these symbols is that they serve as a constant reminder of your relationship, and they’re also a little different when compared to other common choices.

These symbols cross language barriers and cultures, and are a permanent celebration of one of the closest bonds you are likely to have. Explore symbols from different cultures and you both might end up with a really cool piece.

16 Symbolic Tattoos for Twins with Real Meaning
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