Travel Tattoo Ideas

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Tattooing memories of favorite places, special events, and special trips, helps tell the story of your life’s experiences in ink. If you were in Paris at the time of the recent attacks, an image of the Eiffel tower lit up in red, white, and blue to represent France’s strength as a nation.

Take a photo from your vacation to your artist. Ask the artist to replicate the photo exactly as it is so that you have a reminder of your travels at all times. This could be a photo of a landmark, a setting, or a specific sunset make good travel tattoo ideas to start with.

If you simply enjoy travel, consider a tattoo that is similar to a collage with an airplane, a train, and a boat incorporated. It shows that you are a distinguished traveler. Your elements can also include details, like a small country flag, for some of the places that you have visited too.

These travel tattoo ideas will help you see how to represent your memories of a specific location in the world through art. You will see how some of the artists have used symbolism and others have used literal interpretations of the most memorable part of your recent travels to tell the story of part of your trip.

15 Tattoo Ideas for Travelers
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