Travel Tattoo Designs

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Are you having trouble coming up with travel tattoos designs that are a permanent reminder of a favorite or special vacation? It can be difficult to symbolize the thoughts in your head. Here is a fun example for a newly engaged couple, show a man on his knee holding the hand of a woman, with a ring box in his hand. In the background, incorporate specific details of the scene you were looking at during the proposal. It will be a permanent reminder of one of your most intimate moments with your partner.

If you traveled to a popular beach, tattooing seashells of common shells found in that region, or fish of that region is fun. It can also be adapted later with elements of travel to more areas of the world. Foodies might enjoy having a favorite dish from their travels on them. It may sound a little crazy, but that dish will always be a reminder of one of the best times of your life.

These travel tattoos designs show how each client has chosen to represent his or her personal memories from their travels. Some may give you ideas to help tell your travel story through ink.

13 Travel Tattoo Designs
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