Struggle Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos that mean struggle are powerful. They convey a message that only those that have experienced struggle will understand. If you are battling an internal struggle, consider something abstract like a generic human body with boxing gloves inside it. You could even use a power word to create a word association to your private struggle.

A couple of struggle tattoo ideas include a yin and yang conflicting with each other or a quote that says something like “Without struggle there is no progress”. You do not have to directly reference your own struggle in your tattoo. Simply referencing that you are having difficulties or have a life-long battle you’re fighting is good enough.

One idea with a strong meaning is getting the Buddhist knot of eternity. It is a symbol of protection, which can help give you strength during your times of struggle.

Tattoos that mean struggle are often placed over scars, as part of the healing process. Keep in mind that these will be more painful and can take longer to heal. Touch-ups are more likely to be needed on scarred skin too. The struggle tattoo ideas that we have compiled here should provide you with inspiration for your own design. You could create your very own unique symbol to emulate your exact battle if you wish.

23 Struggle Tattoo Ideas
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