Struggle Tattoo Designs

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If you wish to represent picking yourself back up after a major struggle, the Phoenix is a classic tattoo representing struggle that displays strength in recovery, the ability to get back up and resilience. Showing that you have strength to overcome your struggles, gives hope to those that are battling their own inner demons.

If you choose to work with a Phoenix as the focal point in your piece, consider including small details within the tattoo that reference your struggles. You could also have your Phoenix clinching a specific item that hints at your struggle and reminds you that you are stronger than your battles.

A more artistic approach to a tattoo representing struggle could be the image of a brain with receptors buzzing in multiple directions, battling each other. You could also portray this with the brain being exposed in a simple full head design, with the ears covered and eyes clinched tightly closed to create a unique take on experiencing a struggle.

Below you may stumble up on a tattoo representing trouble that may be so impactful that you’re brought to tears. Take this idea to your artist and have them customize it to add personal elements relevant to your life. You may find a base idea.

22 Tattoo Designs Representing Struggle
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