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Tattoos that mean strength are very popular, and most people who get them choose strength tattoos because they either need to be reminded of their own inner strength, or because they want the world to know that they are powerful.

If you’ve spent a bit of time looking for strength tattoo ideas, then you will probably have come across common quotes like “Strength and Honor”, but there is a rich bank of imagery that represents the concept of strength.

Tattoos meaning strength are often based on objects that are physically strong or resistant to damage. Tools like hammers and anvils are popular as they are solid and strong. The classic anchor also has connotations of strength, and implies the owner of the piece is grounded and solid — which speaks to a different king of strength.

Strength and courage tattoos also include a range of graphics like animals — lions, the eagle, tigers, bears and other physically strong creatures are a powerful way to symbolize your own raw power.

There’s also a growing trend to investigate Celtic and rune characters, as well as traditional Chinese and Japanese lettering, as ways of expressing inner strength in a more personal, potent and cryptic way.

95 Tattoos that Mean Strength and Courage
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