Strength Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos that represent strength have a lot of potential symbols and icons that can be incorporated into a design.

People who get tattoos about strength often need a reminder that they are strong enough to overcome certain obstacles. Apart from distinctive fonts, traditional lettering, runes and biblical quotes, strength tattoo designs now include metaphors and icons to represent power and inner strength.

The hammer is a classic example. It can be interpreted in the mythological sense, alluding to the Norse god Thor, or as a symbol of hard work and daily perseverance. The anvil has a similar meaning, as it represents weight and immovability.

Portraits of powerful people are being used as tattoos that symbolize strength. A portrait of a political leader or family member may represent a kind of personal fortitude.

You could also explore inner strength tattoos that use less overt imagery and metaphors to inspire resolve. A crucifix is a great example of this — it has deep religious meaning and can be interpreted in multiple ways, all of which inspire a sense of inner strength and protection.

Find the right symbol for strength for you and you will find that you feel stronger and more powerful.

49 Tattoo Symbols that Represent Strength
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