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What is it about sexy girl tattoos that drive guys wild? The truth is that guys find just about everything about women sexy, but sexy tattoos for women have a way of emphasizing and enhancing the best features of the feminine form.

Sexy female tattoos not only speak volumes about the personality of their owner, and a rebellious side that’s attracted to a little bit of pain, but also draw attention to key features. Tattoos on the inner thigh, breasts, hips and other delicate areas are designed to grab the audience’s attention and hold it.

Often, sexy tattoo ideas take these common placements into consideration and then add a seductive element to the design itself. Nudity is a hallmark of traditional tattoos that’s coming back in a big way, but suggestive quotes or anime-style pieces can also be sexy in their own way. In fact, these are often the most effective when it comes to getting yourself noticed.

Ultimately, those hot, sexy tattoos are all about confidence and showing you’re comfortable with your sexual side. From tiger stripes on your inner thigh to a topless mermaid on your hip bone, making a tattoo sexy is all about who you are.

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