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Ask any tattoo lover what makes the sexiest tattoo designs and you’re likely to hear that it’s all about the quality of the canvas. And while some people think tattoos are sexy and others don’t, there are definitely a few steps that can be taken to ensure that a piece of art goes from nice too naughty and has a very specific effect.

The sexiest tattoos are often placed on taboo or sensitive areas, particularly on the female form. The soft skin of the thighs, the seductive placement on the side of the ribcage or the teasing piece placed low down on the hip bone are all sure to get the guys in a frenzy. This is partly because they make a statement about wanting to be looked at, and partly because they are attractive parts of the body.

Sexy tattoos for girls often add a sense of the risqué into their design. Animal print is a great example, as it suggests the wearer is a sexual predator. But a simple ‘XX’ to show two kisses placed on the hip can be hot too.

Whatever you choose, be prepared for lots of attention — if people can see it, that is.

59 Sexiest Tattoo Designs for Girls
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