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From alternative models to fans of horror films, more and more people are getting creepy tattoos as a way of showing their appreciation for the darker things in life — or death.

Although the decision to get an unusual tattoo is entirely personal, it is important to keep a few things in mind before taking the step to confirmed creep. The first thing to think about is the placement of the piece. The world — and potential employers in your future — might not be willing to try and understand why you’ve got a zombie on your neck. Consider a placement that you can tuck away just in case.

Next is the question of kids. While your Day of the Dead thigh piece might be awesome now, it might scare your future children.

Apart from considering everyone else, be sure that your horror-inspired piece is something you’ll be able to wear with pride for the rest of your life. There’s nothing worse than getting a piece when you’re going through a phase.

Once you’ve committed, find a design you love and an artist who can do it justice, because you don’t want your masterpiece to be creepy because of how bad it is.

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