Scary Tattoo Designs

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There’s something really cool about scary tattoos. Take a second to think about it: skulls, snakes and monsters have been a staple of tattoo artwork for centuries. It’s because they brand the wearer as a bit of a rebel with a dark side, but the association of certain styles with evil has faded as ink has become more acceptable.

There is a major trend in scary tattoo designs to incorporate elements of color realism to make them stand out and stop onlookers in their tracks. If you’re contemplating a creepy piece, start by doing your research about their true meaning — certain cultures interpret scary stuff differently, so make sure you know what your ink is about.

Next, pick a design that your artist can execute to perfection. Scary tattoos get a lot of their shock value from their realism. Lastly, make sure you take care of the artwork so that your showstopper keeps scoring high on the scare scale.

Taking the plunge and getting a scary tattoo doesn’t mean you’re disturbed or untrustworthy, but people will make unfair assumptions. It means you understand the art form and that there’s more to you than meets the eye — so go for it!

41 Scary Tattoo Designs for Brave Men and Women
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