Religious & Sacred Tattoo Ideas

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Religious tattoos of faith are one of the most popular tattoo ideas ever! Tests of faith come in many forms, especially in Christianity. Tattoos displaying a passion for Christ can be seen everywhere. The classic symbol of the cross is popular, as is the scene of Jesus on the Cross or Jesus Carrying the Cross.

In Africa, Voodoo often includes tattoos as part of their religious practices. As do shamanistic religions, popular as part of Native Indian culture, as well as the Far East.

As far as tattoo ideas that sponsor religion go, there are certain religious sects that are more forgiving with their religious practices, and allow their members to commit the sin of tattooing their body (as outlined in Leviticus 19:28) as a symbol of their faith.

Although it’s a sin, some religious believers condone sacred tattoos as an acceptance of sin itself, and as a constant reminder to repent for it. And although tattoos on the body ARE a sin, some Christian churches slightly “bend the rules” to not leave people behind.

126 Religious and Sacred Tattoo Ideas
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