Religious & Sacred Tattoo Meaning

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Many people are drawn to spiritual or religious tattoos because they wish to declare their spirituality to the world. Although there are various designs and ways to do this, one of the most common is to use fonts or symbols to express core religious ideas, such as faith, God, and destiny.

Faith has numerous related symbols and designs that allow you to express yours discreetly. From beautiful Celtic runes to anchors and doves, faith is an ideal tattoo design that you can personalize.

Depending on your faith, the symbol used for God could be the Sanskrit om, the Eye of Providence, or the Hand of God. People who get this tattoo almost always opt for symbols such as the Star of David, Hamsa hand, or traditional cross.

Religious tattoos meaning "destiny" very broadly across each religion. Fans of the Norse world would argue that the Valknut is representative of the concept, while the classic Yin Yang would be another representation. The more traditional compass would also be an option in this line of symbols.

Whichever design you choose, make sure you clarify the meaning, especially if you are not a practitioner of the religion you are borrowing from!

Religious Tattoos Meaning: Faith, God, Destiny
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