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To ink a real tattoo is a hard decision — it’s permanent and hardly removable, so you have to think twice. But there is also an opportunity to test your design before making — realistic fake tattoos. There are a lot of ways to make fake tattoos that look real — stick on tattoos, henna, glitter an airbrush tattoos. They are all different and before choosing the most appropriate technique you should consider them all.

So, how to make a fake tattoo look real? You should try to make henna tattoo — it lasts for more than couple of days. It’ll look awesome for a few weeks! And it’s not only about beauty and fun — henna is also doesn’t irritate the skin, being natural it is good for the skin! But henna tattoos are mostly monochrome — so if you want to try a colorful tattoo, you should consider other options as well.

Glitter tattoos are great for playing with bright colorful designs. They are waterproof and fit both children and adults. The design may be made by yourself and require a lot of free hand work. But you should also remember that the colors of the glitter tattoos are much brighter than that of the real ones. Airbrush tattoos are similar to glitter ones, but are not so customizable. Besides, they generally last not more than a week.

The most common way to have a fake tattoo is stick-on tattoo. You can buy them at the store. But you also can order your own design at the internet shop. It’s a good way to see how the tattoo may look at your skin, but unfortunately if you don’t order the design — it’s not customizable in any way.

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