Realistic Tattoo Designs

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You want to have a tattoo, but not sure yet? Realistic fake tattoo may be a good option! It’s not permanent and can be easily removed no matter how they are done. The most popular fake tattoos include henna, glitter, airbrush and stick on tattoos.

To make your fake realistic tattoo look awesome, you should prepare for the work carefully. First of all, the materials and tattoos themselves must be qualitative. Second, your skin must be prepared properly. It must be clean, dry and free from oil and hair — or the tattoo flake off quickly. Then you must choose the place for your tattoo — preferably the ones with minimum skin movements and contact with clothes. If the place is hairy — you have to remove all the hair.

If done properly, fake tattoos may look like the real ones — and you will have the opportunity to try the favorite design before inking a real tattoo or just to have fun wearing the fake one for some time!

49 Great Realistic Tattoo Designs
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