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Choosing to get some of the most popular tattoos means that you appreciate the artist that created the design and like the composition the way it is. Some popular tattoos are roses, skulls, knives, flowers, and tribal designs. Some may call you boring for getting a popular design, but it is your body and something popular may fit in with the theme that you have in mind for your body art.

When picking popular tattoos, consider changing a couple of the elements or adding to the design to make it more unique. You can take a popular design and ask your artist to transform it into a 3D design, biomechanical design, or something of your own thinking. Be creative and personalize common designs.

Some of the most popular tattoos can be transformed into larger pieces telling an entire story. You don’t have to have a theme for your body art, but it does help to have a story to tell about your ink.

We have compiled a good sampling of the most popular tattoos so that you have an idea for what people choose most often. For you, it might give you ideas as to what to avoid if you wish to take the road less traveled and be unique. Others are likely to gain inspiration, especially if this would be their first tattoo.

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