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Popular tattoo designs can be interpreted in hundreds of ways to make them unique. Consider taking a full color design and adding color to only a couple of components to make them stand out. Your perception of a design can turn a traditional item like a rose, skull, or heart and make it into something complex. For instance, roses are popular; it can become a memorial tattoo as the face of a loved one can blend into a larger outside petal to look like a ghost-figure. It’s a popular starting idea with a twist.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can get a popular tattoo design just the way it is. Consider yourself a traditionalist. It can also symbolize that you are a literal thinker and prefer to be straightforward. Choosing popular tattoo designs does not make you boring; it is just your personal taste.

We have compiled several examples of popular tattoo designs for you to browse here. You can take some of these concepts and reimagine them, make only color changes or get them inked as-is. These selections will give you an idea of what artists typically tattoo the most. First timers are more likely to choose a popular design, as most are simple and quick to tattoo.

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