Pokemon Tattoo Ideas

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Children and adults play Pokémon Go around the world. It is designed to get you outside and active while playing a familiar game. Catching Pokeballs helps you unlock characters and progress in the game. Some fun Pokémon tattoo ideas include showing the evolution of a favorite character from Pokeball to full character or showing baby forms of multiple characters is a play on having a fun personality.

If you played the Pokémon video game series at all, consider taking a scene from the game and tattooing it on your body with your favorite characters strategically placed throughout the piece. Use bright colors and ask your artist to take a 3D approach to the tattoo so that it really looks alive.

Have fun with a character’s name, like Snorlax. He is portrayed as a lazy character, so showing him asleep says that you are a relaxed person. It can also come across as saying you’re lazy, so be careful with that approach. Soul Silver is a favorite character for women and can easily be placed in a field of flowers to give it some pizazz.

These Pokémon tattoo ideas are fun, vibrant, and creative. You may see a specific facial expression captured in a character here that would pair perfectly with a favorite quote to make a statement through design.

18 Best Pokemon Tattoo Ideas for Pokemon GO Fans
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