Pokemon Tattoo Designs

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Who is your favorite Pokémon character? Have you joined in on the Pokémon Go craze? Creatively drawing out Pokémon tattoo designs gives the character life. If you’ve ever played the video game series, consider getting a tattoo of your favorite battle scene. You could also consider a scene from the mobile app game if you wish.

Highlighting a single Pokémon character, like Charizard, Jiggly Puff, Squirtle, or Pikachu is common. You can make yours unique by creating a custom scene for your character to play in. You could also dress your character up in a costume or change their facial expression to give your tattoo a meaning.

One of the benefits of Pokémon tattoo designs is that they are meant to be bright and colorful. Your artist can test his or her talent, blending, and texture skills to give you a design that looks like it is in motion or moving from your skin.

See how creative others have gotten with their Pokémon tattoo sketches from the examples here. Something as simple as Jiggly Puff on top of an ice cream cone is fun, quirky, and representative of a free-spirited, spontaneous person. Use some of these ideas when working on your own unique design.

12 Perfect Pokemon Tattoo Designs
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