Pitbull Tattoo Ideas

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Pit bulls were trained for aggressive sports like dogfights, bear-baiting and bull-baiting. Though these sports are illegal now, they are still popular. That’s why pit bulls have a bad reputation — and also for all the cases of dog attacks. Nevertheless, if they are trained properly, they become devoted companions and show outstanding intellect.

Thus, pit bull tattoo may have totally different meanings with many more ideas created. But this tattoo looks great if detailed — it will be difficult to make it look appropriate on your wrist or ankle. Best places for pit bull tattoo are: shoulder, thigh, back or chest. Some of the most popular tattoo ideas are described below:

  • Your beloved pet. This is the most common design that indicates true love and passion to your canine — let the whole world know this! And it becomes more meaningful being made for the memory of the passed away friend.
  • Pit bull tattoo with text included. Text makes pit bull tattoo even more expressive. By adding the name of a person to the image you signify your loyalty to them. Or you can add the name of the beloved pet emphasizing on what the tattoo stands for.
  • Collared pit bull. Collar has always been a symbol of discipline and loyalty. Inked as a part of pit bull tattoo it stands for the warning to others not to underestimate your hidden strength.
  • Cartooned pit bull. Cartoons are the great source of ideas — you should only use your imagination at full blast. One of the great designs is pit bull wearing boxing gloves design: it emphasizes dog’s physical features.
  • Tribal pit bull tattoos. Of course tribal animal tattoo designs are one of the best. Pit bull tattoo drawn in tribal style looks impressive and natural. This style allows tattoo master to depict animal as if it really was alive.
14 Best Pitbull Tattoo Ideas
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