Pitbull Tattoo Designs

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The pit bull is definitely one of the most popular and dangerous dog breed. At the beginning people taught them to fight till the death. Thus, they obtained dog-fighter fame. One of the most popular pit bull tattoo design is an aggressive one depicting dog’s head or even the whole body ready to struggle to death. It may also be accomplished with teeth bared and prong collar on dog’s neck. This pit bull tattoo design refers to your fighting spirit and aggression.

But like all the other dogs, pit bulls are very loyal to the master, friendly and adorable if trained appropriately. Nevertheless, for many people they are still associated with aggression and danger. Your pit bull tattoo can also be made in a lovely friendly style, being a warning to the others: you look gently, but are ready to attack when provoked.

Pit bull tattoo designs are limitless, you can choose one of the existing or create definitely new by your own — it will definitely look meaningful.

23 Brilliant Pitbull Tattoo Designs
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