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Some nice tattoo ideas are things like service member memorials or themes of helping others. These themes have no boundaries when it comes to what is okay to display or what misses the classification. Regardless if you want a nice looking or nice themed tattoo, the result is that both are nice.

When you have decided on a design, choosing the placement of your tattoo is next. A location on your body that has a little fat is ideal, as it will be slightly less painful. Tattoos on the ribs, neck and feet are painful. It is important to view the stencil on your body before the artist starts to make sure that it is exactly where you want it.

Also, be sure to clearly state what colors you want in your tattoo. The colors chosen can add to or take away from your design.

Take some inspiration from the nice tattoo ideas we have provided here. Some of the designs may pique your interest and may drum up some creativity to make changes to the design to customize it. These nice tattoos were drawn and applied by artists with experience and have creativity to adapt a design to fit a client’s personality.

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