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How would you define a nice tattoo? An angel or a teddy bear maybe? Perhaps, but nice girl tattoos don’t have to be all peaches and lilies. A well-composed tattoo is a nice tattoo. It’s all about the application, the design, and the overall composition. The idea behind getting a nice tattoo is to get what you like and make sure that it makes sense for you and/or your life.

Give your nice girly tattoo a little attitude like adding devil horns to an innocent angel or setting a gorgeous flower ablaze through ink. Your nice design can also have a little bit of evil or devious thoughts hidden within the design. Someone would have to study your design to see them, but you’d know your spicy touches are there.

Look at some of the nice tattoos that we’ve put together here to show you some ideas to build off of. Some are nice in theme and others are nice in design and competition. Make sure that your nice girl tattoo is appropriately placed on your body to convey the message you want the art to deliver. Work with your artist to add a few hidden elements to personalize your initial idea.

347 Incredibly Nice Tattoo for Girls
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